Just to give you a few details about our use of Timsen/Prontech.

We grow orchids for cut flowers on a farm on the north coast of Jamaica. We have 2-1/2 acres of plants and are adding an additional acre.

We first heard about Timsen from another orchid grower on the island. At the time they were the largest grower of orchids and brought the product in when they brought in chemicals and materials by the container load. We had been using bleach and other additives to try to extend the shelf of our cut flowers with mixed results. We obtained some Timsen from one of the managers and were very pleased with the results. We then made contact with UPI and began ordering the product for our own use. Because we were satisfied with the results we obtained a limited time permit from the Jamaican EPA. The permit was granted on the basis of the MSDS and the sample label. Because the product had been renamed we will have to renew the product.

When we sell our cut flowers locally we cut the bottoms, wrap them with the wet cotton and cover the cotton with a small plastic bag secured with a rubber band. When we export we use plastic tubes or “water pics.” In both cases, we add Prontech to the water to 200ppm. We used higher amounts on occasion when we questioned our water supply but 200ppm seems to work for most cases. We have fewer problems with wilting and stem rot and much improved shelf life. In addition we have used Timsen/Prontech for general greenhouse sanitation-sanitation of tools and benches, elimination of algae on walkways, etc. At one point we were having a problem with a 400ppm solution. We did this several times over the course of a week. The plants survived and are flourishing today.

In conclusion, we are very satisfied customers. The product hands easily and has never caused adverse reactions on our workers. It does everything we want it to do.

Keep up the good work!

John Heck
Green Castle Orchids
Annotto Bay, St. Mary
Jamaica, West Indies

Southwest Ranches, November 2005
Dear UPI:
I learned about Prontech while visiting the SNA show in Atlanta in 2004 and I have been using it as a fungicide and bactericide to eliminate diverse problems in our operations. At the beginning I primarily use the product on linners and now I have implemented the use on other growing areas of my nursery. 

Over the years, Xanadu (Philodendron xanadu) and Selloum (Philodendron bipinnatifidum) have been known as large outdoor plants with any more or less likely to have problems with diseases than other plants, but they can be more difficult to spray or treat if they get diseases such Erwinia sp.  Since we have been using Prontech the losses for diseases such Erwinia sp. have been reduced significantly. The most successful rate is 600ppm every 8-10 days, sprayed it directly to the plants and to prepare growing areas for new and different varieties of plants. 

I expect that continue using this product frequently as I have been using it, will help me to persist in reduce the incidence of diseases in Tadala’s Nursery. 

Thank you,

Carlos Pradilla
Tadala’s Nursery

Assendelft, september 26 2005                
Dear UPI, 
We are testing Prontech in the culture of Dionaea, also known as Venus flytrap. A common fungus appearing in Dionaea’s is Colletotrichum. This fungus is eradicant for Dionaea’s.

On picture 2 you can see that the heart of the plant is growing again, free of fungus and this only after 2 treatments at a concentration of 400 ppm. You can imagine how happy we were when we saw this and now we are waiting for the coming weeks to see if the plants keep on growing free of fungus because usually we had to throw them away.

Your browser may not support display of this image. 
Next month takes Hortifair place again in Amsterdam and if you are present I will have the pleasure to meet you there.

May be see you soon, best regards 

Adriaan Timmer
Plant protection coordinator
Corn Bak ® BV

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